To do or not to do? That’s the question…A quote, which intrigues every thinker in the world, and instigates every leader to act. A quote made immortal by Shakespeare, that still shakes many an individual!

The current immigrant crisis facing Europe fits exactly in to this frame of reference where the Europeans, struggling to accept the fact that most of the so called “guests” they have invited to their homes do not and don’t want to appreciate their values which includes hospitality, charity, treating each other with mutual respect etc!!!
A path that makes absolutely no sense to a set of people where discrimination, oppression and abuse is pretty much the way of accepted lifestyle! Where rationality is relative, results justify the means, with societal norms for mutual respect and individuality non-existent and most important law and order is negotiable!!! A society where the only predictable thing is chaos!
This value system is so starkly opposite to the value system of the Western world, where societal norms are respected, mutual respect is the prime driving force and individuality and equality a very highly guarded principles. Where Law and Order is non-negotiable and Where life pretty much is predictable!!!

Now when people from these two cultures collide, the only result that can be predicted out of this collision is anarchy, disturbance and absolute breakdown of any societal norms that may be in place.

This is so because of the motivational complications -as basic as language, food habits, dressing, and personal beliefs – that drives their actions and behaviors that keeps them in check in social interactions are so different, and very difficult to bridge in short spans of time.

For the newcomers, whose life situation reflects the basic stage depicted on Maslow’s drama triangle (Pun intended – it’s hierarchy of needs), satisfying their basic needs will be of utmost importance, than reaching to the higher needs as depicted. And, forget Self-actualization, which for majority of them will be a distant cry (I am being tolerant here).

When one’s life motivation is stuck on survival and uncertainty, where the basic needs of Food, Clothes, Shelter and Sex constitute the main cravings, the naivity of the governments of Europe not to have recognized this and expecting the newcomers to conform to their societal standards was, to put in simple terms, Foolish!

Now that they have opened the pandora’s box, the way to keep these immigrants in check and make the lives of their Citizens and those other people who have invested their time in integrating in to their existing societal norms already – is of utmost importance.

Whether the governments will do what it takes to save its existing eco-system and take measure to control the newcomers or will it be naive in hoping integration of two diametrically opposite cultures will happen automatically without any casualties or strong performance control measure is left to be seen.

What is needed to manage the current situation is to treat each and every individual as a different personality and not generalize the whole and have set standards that worked for their culture!

Hoping Europe will be Europe of the yesteryears!